Autism Okanagan Resources

The professionals and agencies contained on the Autism Okanagan Resources Page are ‘self-listings’, meaning that AOK does not verify their credentials, nor do we endorse them as being suitable for all users. Please review the qualifications, credentials and experience of any service provider before entering into a contract/agreement. AOK reserves the right to remove or decline a listing, at our discretion. Please note that some of the services listed may not qualify for reimbursement by the Autism Funding Unit, or may require a ‘Letter of Justification’.

WE ARE NOT LONGER UPDATING THIS PAGE, AND WILL BE DELETING INDIVIDUAL RESOURCES / SERVICE PROVIDERS IN THE NEAR FUTURE and directing you to other websites that provide excellent resource information.  We are a volunteer run organization and do not have the time to keep up to requests for additions and changes to this page.  You can still email us at with specific questions and support for navigating services.  We always have someone to support you, who can arrange to meet you for coffee and chat if you want.

The organizations below have paid employees who maintain resources for the community.   

For more up to date information on resources:

Please visit Kelowna Community Resources


Visit the Kelowna Spoke of PAFN on Springfield Road in Kelowna  Contact: Telephone (250) 469-0014


Visit Autism BC  Contact:Lisa Watson Telephone:(250) 212-4075

From time to time we will be posting links to useful articles …